Here some useful information about how to receive an escort girl.

First of all, there will be fixed an appointment by phone : day, time, place and price will be agreed for your specific demand. After that the lady will look after the driver and she will call you back to confirm, modify or maybe cancel the appointment. Arriving at your place, the payment of the previously agreement will be done. The lady will check the authenticity of the bills. After that, the show must go on.

For long distant journeys may be charged a deposit, this can be arranged by mail and takes only a few minutes.

Now, you can find some important rules to receive in a good way the escort girl.

The lady sets high standards on her own hygiene, so she expects the same from you : a shower before her arrival is a requirement, a delicious smell is always enjoyable, nails are cut short and preferably also filed the corners to avoid to scratch the lady at certain actions. Teeth are brushed, a fresh breath is a must and however, short or shaved pubic hair will be top of hygiene. Also think about, especially during the winter months, to put the heat on a comfortable temperature in the room where you go to receive her, including, prepare the room, change sheets and possibly a clean towel, if you want both to have a shower afterwards.

Offer the lady something to drink, courtesy works very well and at the meantime you can have a first chat, that's breaking the ice. She will also always have a small bottle of champagne at your disposal. This is an additional cost of course, but certainly not an obligation.

A first time? You don't need to be anxious and nervous, no problem, the girl leads everything in a smooth way. It's certainly not the first time she has that kind of situation, take your time and ask her if you can do her a massage or enjoy a sensual massage to get you on the path of eroticism with confidence.

Finally, do not rush to have sex, and sex is not only getting off. Intimite contact is more than only having sex, caressing, enjoying, tenderness and respect for the others body are much more important. Having an orgasme, you can do that by yourself, for all the rest you need someone else.

So, have a nice time and enjoy your erotic rendez vous.